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ESAB Mig Welders

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Esab Aristo Mig Welder C3000i
Esab Aristo Mig Welder C3000i

Aristo Mig Welder C3000i, U6 This is a compact Mig welder with built...

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Product Search

Product Search

MIG Welders for Sale, MIG Welding UK

Our MIG welders are sourced from a number global manufacturers and come with expert advice and unrivalled customer care. We also provide a welding equipment repair service.

MIG welding equipment manufacturers like ESAB have been producing MIG welders since 1904.Other manufacturers such as Kemppi entered the marketplace in 1949. We supply an extensive range of MIG welders that come with a 3 year warranty.

What is a MIG Welder?

MIG stands for, 'Metal Inert Gas' and a MIG welder is used to create an electric arc together with an inert gas (also known as a shielding gas) like argon or helium to prevent other gases in the atmosphere from contaminating the welding process. The other main element of a MIG welder is the choice of metal wire, which is essentially an electrode. The electrode is pushed or fed through a welding gun into the weld pool to achieve the desired outcome of welding two metals together.

The electric arc was first discovered by the Cornish chemist and inventor, Sir Humphry Davy in 1800 and because of this discovery, a global welding industry now exists. Today, highly sophisticated MIG welders exist for the domestic, professional and industrial welder.

ESAB Separate MIG Welders