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Electrode Elga P51 3.2mm x 450mm

Electrode Elga P51 3.2mm x 450mm

Part No.P5132HP

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P 51 is a basic-coated low hydrogen electrode designed for welding mild and higher strength steels. It combines strength and toughness and is particularly suitable for heavily restrained sections where there can be risk of cracking due to weld stresses.

With its excellent general operability and good positional welding characteristics P 51 is often used for pipe welding. It operates without difficulties on both primer-treated and rusty material.

The electrode produces a finely rippled bead surface and smooth transition with the base material. This together with the exceptionally good slag detachability, even in root runs, gives P 51 superior radiographic quality.

Classifications:AWS A5.1
EN ISO 2560-A
E 46 4 B 32 H5
Welding position:Elga p51 Welding Positions
Mechanical properties:
Tensile strength, Rm:600 MPa
Elongation, A5:25%
Impact energy, CV:-46 °C · 30 J
-40 °C · 60 J
Coating type:Basic
Welding current:DC(+)/-, AC OCV ³ 70 V
For root passes: DC -
Elga P51 MSDS