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Electrode UTP 65 312 2.5x250mm

Electrode UTP 65 312 2.5x250mm

Part No.UTP6525

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Application Field

UTP 65 is particularly suitable for joining on hardly weldable steels, when highest demands on the welding seam are made. High crack resistance when joining parent metals of difficult weldability, such as austenitic and ferritic steels, high-manganese steels with alloyed and non-alloyed steels, heat-treatable and tool steels. As cushion layer on these materials it is also ideally suited. UTP 65 finds a variety of applications in the repair and maintenance of machine and drive components as well as in tool repairing.

Welding properties and special properties of the weld metal

UTP 65 is very easily weldable with a smooth and stable arc, homogeneous, finely rippled bead appearance and gives very good slag removal, self-lifting in parts. The austenitic-ferritic weld deposit has highest strength values and high crack resistance. Workhardening, creep resistant and stainless.

Hardness of the pure weld metal

approx. 240 HB


Supplied in a 0.7 Kg Vec Pac

Mechanical properties of the weld metal

   Yield strength   



   Tensile strength   






> 620

> 800

> 22

Weld metal analysis in %

   0,1      1,0      1,0      29,0      9,0      balance   

Welding instruction

Clean welding thoroughly. Pre heating of thick-walled ferritic parts to 150 - 200 °C. Keep the arc short up to medium-long. Apply string beads with little weaving. Hold stick electrode as vertically as possible. Re-dry stick electrodes that have got damp for 2h / 120 - 200 °C.

Current type DC (+) / AC

Welding positions PA / PB / PC / PE / PF

Approvals DB