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Fronius MagicWave 230i MV/np

Fronius MagicWave 230i MV/np

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The MagicWave is a completely digitised TIG AC/DC power source that is used especially for aluminium applications. This all new model from Fronius is unique in that it will run from 110v or 230v input power, making it suitable for site use. As with all TIG sets they double up as advanced MMA Arc Welding Power Sources for increased versatility.

Essentially this new Magicwave from Fronius represents the next generation of advanced digital power sources from Fronius, pulsing is offered as standard and the machine weighs in at very reasonable 16.5kgs, making it a very portable proposition, Suitable for a wide variety of metals including aluminium, copper, stainless steel and mild steel.

Made in Austria to the highest standard, if you are a craftsman looking for the best, then look no further.

 The Magicwave 230i is connectible with other devices via Bluetooth, Wireless LAN and NFC such as welding helmets, remote controls and also mobile phones.

Supplied as standard as an air cooled package, including Magicwave 230i Power Source 110/230v, Gas Hose, Earth Lead & Clamp, WP26-12 Tig Torch, Instruction Manual.



Active Wave makes TIG AC welding a much quieter business. The integrated digital signal processor always computes the waveform that will permit the highest possible arc stability with the lowest possible noise-emission levels in real time. Measurement of these noise levels clearly shows that with Active Wave, the dbA value is still below 80 dbA, even when the machine is delivering 300 A of power.


With TAC, one spot is all it takes for tacking, because the pulsed arc sets the two weld pools in motion, making them jump together in next to no time, to make one single weld-pool. The TAC function is also very useful when welding light-gauge sheets without filler metal.


The touchless and gentle high-frequency ignition is the easiest option for igniting the arc.


Touchdown ignition can be used in particular for sensitive application areas. This allows electromagnetic interference, which can occur during HF ignition, to be avoided.


This function enables automatic cap-shaping when welding aluminium, resulting in significant time savings. The user can set the size.





B: 210mm / L: 558mm / H: 369mm

Open-circuit voltage


Welding current max.


Welding current min.


Operating voltage


Mains frequency


Mains voltage

110V / 230V

Welding current / Duty cycle [10min/40C]

230A / 35% [230V] 170A / 35% [110V]

Welding current / Duty cycle [10min/40C]

195A / 60% [230V] 140A / 60% [110V]

Welding current / Duty cycle [10min/40C]

165A / 100% [230V] 120A / 100% [110V]

Mains fuse

16A-230V / 20A-110V