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Jasic MIG450 Multi Process Separate Water Cooled

Jasic MIG450 Multi Process Separate Water Cooled

Part No.JM452SWC

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Jasic MIG450 Multi Process Separate Water Cooled Package

The Jasic MIG 450 Separate is equipped with powerful IGBT components, digital meters and multi process capabilities. The Jasic MIG 450 offers excellent welding characteristics and rugged, reliable performance.

It is supplied as a water cooled package which includes a 4 roll wire feed unit, 5m sheathed interconnections, 5m earth lead and clamp, 4 wheel undercarriage, water cooler, MB501 Titanium 3m Mig Torch and two gauge single stage shielding gas regulator.

Water cooling keeps the torch components cool thereby extending component life and making for an improved welder experience. This helps particularly when welding aluminium.

This high quality three-phase inverter delivers an impressive 450 amps at 40% duty cycle, making the MIG 450 an excellent choice for medium to heavy duty industrial manufacturers.

Featuring a unique welding dynamic characteristic control circuit it provides a stable arc, low spatter, excellent weld appearance and high welding efficiency.

Whilst offering both MIG and MMA capabilities most applications will be utilising its excellent MIG facilities.

Key Features:

  • IGBT MIG MAG/MMA/Lift Arc TIG inverter
  • Digital amp and voltmeter
  • High duty cycle
  • Advanced control circuitry
  • Burn back control & wire inching
  • Suitable for 0.6,0.8,1.0 and 1.2mm wire
  • 2T/4T trigger function
  • Power & status LEDs
  • Gas check function
  •  Variable inductance

Technical Data

 Input Voltage
 AC 400V - 50/60 Hz
 Recommended Input Fuse (A)
 Current Range (A)
 60 - 450
 Mig Voltage Range (V)
 15 - 40
 No-Load Voltage (V)
 Wire Speed (m/min)
 1 - 18
 Duty Cycle @ 40 Degrees
 MMA 400A @ 80% MIG 400A @ 100%
 Wire Spool Size
 MMA Range (A) 30 - 400
 Power Factor
 Protection/Insulation Class
 Recommended Generator Size (kVA)
 Dimensions (mm)
 760 x 365 x 585
 Weight: Power Source & Feeder (Kg)

* Generators should be AVR