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Photonweld A1600 Wobble 5+ Pkge Photonweld A1600 Wobble 5+ Pkge

Photonweld A1600 Wobble 5+ Pkge

Part No. A1600

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PhotonWeld-A1600 ® - Simply the Best laser Welder

PhontonWeld ® A-Series is an ecological responsible portable fibre laser handheld welder based on the revolutionary EcolEner 976nm pump technology.

The currently offered laser welding equipment in the market today is mainly a water-cooled solutions. Their heat is taken out of the laser through the external coolant circulation of the chiller with big ventilation system.  PhotonWeld ® Series focuses on generating less heat in the first step and then reduce the lost energy for cooling.  Our super high photoelectric conversion efficiency of 976nm EcolEner-technology Creatively solved this problem. Generating minimal 20% less heat than any other laser source in combination with high efficient inverter driven optimized air cooling system, creates a real sustainable welding machine with high ecological and economical advances compared to any other laser welding machine on the market.
We launched the the air-cooled 976nm technology for the first time in the industry, which generates the drastic reduction of the  power consumption and creates perfect portability, and with this winning combination we take the lead in the technical development direction of fibre laser handheld welding machines.

  • MAX continue output power 1585W,  Max Pulse Peak Power = 2500 W
  • Welding depth in Continue mode reach to 6 mm
  • 976nm pump technology ,high efficiency WPE ≥42%
  • Simple pendulum welding head, adjustable welding width 0-5mm
  • Laser frequency = 1070 +-10nm
  • Weight <62kg, compact design ,small size 
  • Air cooling technology, ultra energy-saving invertor drive
  • Supply voltage 220VAC-50/60Hz - connection needed: 220V-18A
  • Triple safety protection
  • Built-in gas/air pressure monitoring
  • Works with most shielding gasses : Argon, Nitrogen, Ar+/CO2mix, compressed air
  • Dimensions : 650 x 300 x 621 mm
  • With EcolEner Energy saving technologies