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Rebel EMP 320c MIG/MMA/TIG Pkge

Rebel EMP 320c MIG/MMA/TIG Pkge

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The industrial, true multi-process machine that combines power and mobility. Compact and lightweight, the ESAB Rebel EMP 320ic system offers flexibility in any fabrication environment. Designed for productivity and reliability, the 4-wheel wire feed system provides high and consistent weld quality regardless of the material being welded.

The EMP 320ic, with a maximum output of 350 Amps is the ideal universal welding system capable of running 1.2 mm solid and flux-core wires with a high duty cycle.

START PARAMETERS – Automatically adaptive start parameters provide distinct and precise starts every time, regardless of wire type and dimension.

USER FRIENDLY – An extremely user-friendly and multilingual TFT display incorporates spare parts lists and weld parameter guides for all processes.

MOBILITY – Weighing in a 31.4 kg, the machine can be lifted manually or transported on a trolley t provide unmatched mobility.

POWER – A high duty cycle combined with a robust 4-wheel wire feed system offers both high speed and torque, makes it thte perfect tool for the most demanding jobs.

– Smart-MIG feature monitors the arc characteristics by adapting to your technique, resulting in a smooth, stable arc. Just set wire diameter, material and plate thickness, and you are ready to weld.

PERFORMANCE – Full MMA performance with electrodes up to 5 mm and excellent Lift TIG performance with adjustable pre/post gas flow and weld current ramp up/down.

– Two gas inlets, one for MIG and one for TIG, can be connected simultaneously. A build-in TIG gas solenoid valve on the front of the machine eliminates the need for a manual valve on the TIG torch.

CREEP START – The wire feed speed accelerates to the set value when the wire gets in contact with the work piece. This ensures a smooth, spatter-free weld.

Package includes:
power source with 3m mains cable and plug, return cable and clamp 4.5m, gas hose with quick connector 4.5m, drive rolls for 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2 mm wire, guide tubes for 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2 mm wire, thickness gauge tool


Supply voltage range

360 – 480VAC (3ph)

Output power

320A @ 40%

Supply plug

CEE16A plug

Wire feed speed range

2.0 – 20.3 m/min

Wire diameter range:

Mild steel

Stainless steel

Cored wired


0.8 – 1.4mm

0.8 – 1.4mm

0.8 – 1.6mm

1.0 – 1.4mm

Wire spool size

200mm, 300mm

Drive system

4-wheel, 20.3 m/min wire feed speed

Setting range [MIG/MAG]

15A / 14.8V – 320A / 34V

Setting range [TIG]

5A / 10.2V – 320A / 22.8V

Setting range [MMA]

16A / 20.6V – 300A / 32.0V

MIG welding output

40% duty cycle

60% duty cycle

100% duty cycle

320A / 30V

265A / 27.3V

200A / 24V

Power source dimensions, L x W x H

686 x 292 x 495 mm

Power source weight