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UTP 83FN CI Nickel Iron 2.5mm 1kg

UTP 83FN CI Nickel Iron 2.5mm 1kg

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Application field

UTP 83 FN is suitable for surfacing and joining of all commercial cast iron grades, such as lamellar grey cast iron and nodular cast iron, malleable cast iron and for joining these materials to steel or cast steel.

This stick electrode is particularly used where a high deposition rate is needed.

Welding properties

UTP 83 FN has an excellent melting performance and the easily controllable transfer provides a spatter-free deposit of perfect appearance. The weld deposit is easily machinable with cutting tools, though and crack-resistant.

Hardness of the pure weld metal  approx 190 HB

Weld metal analysis in %

 1,3  52,0  balance 

Welding instruction

The casting skin and impurities have to be removed from the welding area. WEld with low amper-age and short arc. For the purpose of stress relief in case of difficult weldings, peen the weld metal and reduce the heat input by welding short beads.

Current type DC (+) / AC

Welding positions PA / PB