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Warrior Tech Fitted for Air-Black

Warrior Tech Fitted for Air-Black

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Designed for use in all welding applications, ESAB's WARRIOR™ Tech helmet meets the needs of welding professionals requiring a high specification, ergonomically designed, lightweight helmet that provides protection from dangerous UV/IR radiation, heat, and spatter.

WARRIOR™ Tech's four welding arc sensors provide high response levels and a wider sensory coverage than many alternative helmets of this type. Its large viewing area (98 mm x 48 mm) coupled with a wider than normal field of vision, increase spatial awareness.

The helmet features shade adjustment between DIN 9 and DIN 13 with automatic shade darkening filter (ADF) lens and optical class 1/2/1/2. This lens also gives the welder optimal viewing clarity and excellent optical quality.

Ergonomically designed for high operator comfort, the helmet's headband is fully adjustable over the head and there are three longitudinal adjustments to increase field of vision. For enhanced comfort, the angled front pad sits flat on the forehead to reduce frontal lobe pressure.

Now with Eco Air PAPR full-face respiratory sytem:

The WARRIOR™ Tech helmet with ESAB's Eco Air PAPR is a full-face respiratory system designed to provide the highest safety and comfort for the welder. Manufactured and tested to meet stringent EN12941 standards, the helmet with PAPR provides a high protection rating of TH2P and uses a high performance P3 main filter to remove particulate matter.

PAPRs operate by filtering air through a battery powered unit, which is then supplied into the breathing zone inside the helmet. ESAB's Eco Air PAPR delivers the maximum fresh air flow and offers protection against dangerous welding fume particles. Air movement over the face and head also keep the welder cool and comfortable.

The Eco Air PAPR is lightweight and low profile to be easy to manage. It provides a comfort pad to help reduce welder fatigue and muscle strain over time. This unit also includes audible and vibrating alarms that notify the user of low battery or restricted airflow. The WARRIOR™ Tech helmet prepared for PAPR is fully assembled and ready to attach to the Eco Air PAPR unit, which comes complete and set up for immediate use.

Esab Eco Freshair Unit Complete
Esab Eco Freshair Unit Complete

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