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Calibrator Pro 1000

Calibrator Pro 1000

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The ultimate engineers tool for calibration & testing of welding machines to EN IEC60974-14 & other international standards.

The easiest & fastest way to calibrate every type & make of welding machine. Just plug into your machines output terminals & get testing!

Multiple load resistors are built into a tough aluminium enclosure, the resistive loads are selected using the front panel switches. Each of the main load switches can be operated independently & a 6 step fine switch gives more precise adjustment of load, the result is 100’s of different load values allowing testing of all MIG/MAG, TIG & MMA power sources (GMAW, FCAW, GTAW, SMAW) up to 800 or 1000A.

Calibrator Pro instrument panels use the most precise high stability electronics available & accuracy levels exceed the highest requirements of IEC60974-14. This allows calibration & testing to precision grade where needed. Suitable for the most demanding industries such as nuclear, aerospace, Government laboratories etc.

This wide range of load resistance allows testing on all welding processes in accordance with the volt/amp relationship formula. For instance on MIG/MAG at 500A you can achieve 39V, on TIG you can achieve 30V, on SUB ARC 40V etc. Every load setting is marked with the approx. current rating, but all will withstand high overloads as often happens during load testing of welding equipment. Load resistances start at 5Ω and with all loads switch on resistance is 0.043Ω for 800 model & 0.033Ω for 1000A model.

Calibrator Pro models utilise ‘stack effect’ cooling to pull in cold air at the bottom & force hot air out of the top this provides exceptional cooling for the load resistors allowing over 35kw (800 model) (50kw 1000 model) of peak load power.

Calibrator Pro 800 is fitted with 7 main loads + 6 position fine control – up to 900A peak amperage.

Calibrator Pro 1000 is fitted with 8 main loads + 6 position fine control – up to 1250A peak amperage.

Features & functions (with instrument panel fitted)

  • Accuracy +/-0.25% allowing precision grade calibration & testing.
  • Displays AC-DC volts & TRMS/complex waveform to 2 decimal places.
  • Displays AC-DC amps & TRMS/complex waveform to 1 decimal places.
  • Displays temperature & wire feed speed (if optional plug in Tachometer purchased).
  • Display actual welding parameters instead of using resistive load – perfect for automated welding.
  • 4mm sockets to plug in any multi-meter such as a Fluke & display/compare V & A readings.
  • Digital hold / un-hold function to capture instrument values.
  • Operator self test calibration function – for easy verification of accuracy prior to use.
  • Overload voltage protection to 230V input & TIG HF protection built in.
  • Current overload to 150% (12 seconds), 200% (3 seconds) for all load settings.
  • Absolute precision electronic instrument panel guaranteed stable 0°C to +40°C
  • Hand portable – weight including cables 25/29kg.
  • No external power supply needed just plug in the two cables & test power source.
  • Instrument panel uses one PP3 9V battery, around 150-200 calibration life.
  • Auto shut down & auto power up to maximise battery life.
  • Unique design allows super fast calibration & testing.
  • Calibrate to all international standards IEC60974-14, BS, EN, DIN, ANSI, ISO etc.
  • 7 main loads from 1.7Ω – 0.16Ω (800 model)
  • 8 main loads from 1.7Ω – 0.14Ω (1000 model)
  • 6 position fine switch from 5Ω – 0.85Ω (up to 52A@44V on fine switch)
  • Calibration traceable to National Standards EN ISO 10012 standard.
  • Calibration now valid for 1 year
Technical dataCalibrator Pro 800Calibrator Pro 1000
Main load switches200A, 170A, 145A, 105A, 75A, 35A, 25A230A, 200A, 170A, 145A, 105A, 75A, 35A, 25A
Fine switch6 step from 2A@10V – 52A@44V6 step from 2A@10V – 52A@44V
Instrument accuracy+/-0.25% rdn +/- 4/5 counts+/-0.25% rdn +/- 4/5 counts
Resolution0.03V, 0.3A, 0.03M/min, 0.3°C0.03V, 0.3A, 0.03M/min, 0.3°C
Input voltage range0-100V AC/DC (protected to 230V overload)0-100V AC/DC (protected to 230V overload)
Peak A / V @ full load900A@39V1250A@41V
Duty cycle of individual loads100% all loads100% all loads
Total load power/duty cycle13kw@100%, 26kw@50%16kw@100%, 32kw@50%
Overload withstand 30 seconds-all loadsAmps rating x 125%Amps rating x 125%
Overload withstand 12 seconds – all loadsAmps rating x 150%Amps rating x 150%
Approx weight incl con cables.25kg29kg
Size approx.310 x 590 x 675mm310 x 590 x 675mm