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Origo Tig 3000i AC/DC TA24 Pkge

Origo Tig 3000i AC/DC TA24 Pkge

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In both DC and AC mode this TIG welding machine will give an excellent start and stable arc. All types of material and thickness can be welded with the highest quality.

Key Features:

  • Designed for quality TIG-welding in all types of material.
  • QWave™ – enables AC welding with high arc stability and low noise.
  • AC frequency and balance control optimizes weld pool.
  • DC pulsed TIG welding gives easy control of heat input.
  • ESAB 2-program function. Possibility to pre-program and change program during welding.
  • Easy to use. All parameters presented in an easily comprehensible way.
  • MMA welding: Hot start, arc force and polarity switch.
  • Water cooled for work on aluminium and high amperage welds.

Package includes:

  • Origotig 3000i AC/DC Power Source.
  • Coolmidi 1800 Water Cooling Unit.
  • TXH400W 4m Water Cooled Torch.
  • 4 Wheel Trolley.
  • Electrode Holder and 4.5m Lead and Earth Clamp and Lead.

ESAB Origo Tig 3000i Specification:

Setting range TIG AC/DC:4 - 300
Setting range MMA:16 - 300
Mains supply:400/3 V/Ph
Fuse (slow):20A
Mains cable (Ø mm2):4 x 1.5
Maximum output DC/AC:at 35% duty cycle, TIG , A/V - 300/22
at 60% duty cycle, TIG, A/V - 240/19.6
at 100% duty cycle, TIG, A/V - 200/18
Slope up (sec):0 - 10
Slope down (sec):0 - 10
Gas post-flow (sec):0 - 25
Pulse frequency DC (sec):0.01 - 2.5
Frequency AC (Hz):10 - 150
AC balance (%):50 - 98
Open circuit voltage (V DC):54 - 64
Energy save mode (W):30
Power factor at 100% (at TIG mode):0.72
Operating temperature (C):--10 to +40
Efficiency at 100%, at TIG mode, % :67
Enclosure class:IP 23C
Insulation class (Main trafo.):H
Standards:IEC/EN 60974-1, -3, -10
External dimensions (mm):652 x 412 x 423
Weight (Kg):42

Coolmidi 1800 Water Cooling Unit Specification:

Cooling capacity (W, l/min at 40 C):1600/1.2
Coolant volume (l):4.2
Max flow (l/min):4
Max pressure (50/60 Hz bar):3/3.8
Weight (kg):19/23
External dimension (mm):710 x 385 x 208
ESAB Origo TIG 3000i Fact Sheet