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MMA Inverter Welders

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Esab MMA Power Sources
Kemppi MMA Power Sources

Fronius MMA Power Sources
Jasic MMA Welders Stick Welders

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Product Search

Product Search

Inverter Welders, MMA & Inverter Power Sources

We supply a wide range of inverter welders, MMA welders, and stick welders, from the best manufacturers in the market. Whether you require the robust and reliable ESAB inverter welders or the Kemppi, and Fronius models, we have the right MMA welder, and inverter welder for your budget.

What is an Inverter Welder?

An inverter welder is a sophisticated, innovative, high-frequency welding machine that uses silicon transformer technology instead of copper and aluminum transformers and rectifiers used in standard MIG/TIG welders.

Advantages of Inverter Welders:

Small, compact and portable;
Lightweight sophisticated silicon transformer;
Uses a IGBT or Insulate Gate Bipolar Transistor capable of high volume arc welding.

What is MMA Welding?

MMA stands for, Manual Metal Arc Welding also known as stick welding. This form of manual welding is where a welder uses a consumable electrode covered with a flux to lay the weld to the parent material.

The flux is essentially a chemical layer that fully surrounds the electrode to protect the weld from impurities created due to exposure to the atmosphere. These impurities with float to the top of the weld pool where they can be removed after the weld has been completed.