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Welding Supplies - What's New?

Another one bites the dust!

We are delighted to have successfully installed another Swiftcut Table at one of our Dorset customers. The application will involve cutting everything from baseplates to farmyard repairs arising from a typical blacksmith’s fabrication shop. Swiftcut Tables come in a variety of sizes and with a range of Hypertherm plasma cutters available there will be something to suit most applications all at an affordable price.


Just take the welder with you... it's battery powered!

We are finding ever more applications for our unique Battery Welder BA150BW, here we are with one of our customers, A-Fab in Poole welding a steel support, outside a barn on a nature reserve with no mains power available, using 4mm mild steel electrodes. Job done courtesy of battery power!

Although we don’t claim 4mm rods we do say you can put down 40+ 3.2mm rods from a single charge. Enough for a whole heap of welding!

Welder using the britarc ba150bw battery welder

New Kemppi Fastmig X450s

We are pleased to confirm a number of encouraging signs that investment life continues for British manufacturing and a Wellington Welding customer places his faith in both us and the future with 3 more Kemppi Fastmig X450s adding to an existing fleet with the promise of more to come. There may be a lot happening in the wider world but in our view investment is still going ahead at a reasonable rate.

3 kemppi fastmix x450


Service & Calibration Service

Wellington Welding Supplies continues to invest in the latest calibration equipment to ensure any work we do conforms to the most recent EN IEC60974-14 standard for testing and calibrating welding machines.

Our investment was for a total of 5 units to ensure all our engineers had access to this latest equipment.

The capital investment was in excess of 10k and followed extensive testing and approval prior to purchase.
The new Calibrator 600 Pro is lighter and more portable than previous equipment used and can be operated safely on all types of welding machines including Tig sets running with HF in operation.

We are pleased to be able to assure our customers that any calibration work we do will be accurate and certifiable to the latest standard.

For more information on calibration please speak to your nearest depot or if you require any technical assistance please contact our Service Manager, John Herbert at servicepo@wellyweld.co.uk




New Kemppi Machines

We are pleased to confirm one of our South West based Marine Engineering customers is continuing to invest in new Kemppi equipment & showing confidence in the continued recovery of the now post pandemic economy.


Kemper Unit Installed

A recent image of  a large fume extraction installation supplied by Kemper for one of our south west customers who wishes to provide a clean working environment for all their employees & keep up with current welding fume extraction requirements.

Yet another SwiftCut installation

We are delighted to confirm another successful installation of a Swiftcut PRO 3000 CNC Profiling Table at one of our brilliant South West Customers. The Swiftcut CNC Table was coupled up with a Hypertherm Powermax 125 Plasma Cutting Unit to give a maximum cutting capability of 25mm plate.
The whole system included advanced Auto-Nesting software as well as the patented Swiftcut Plate Marking System. The package also included assistance with installation and set-up and on-site training by our own Craig Peterson.

2021 has been an exceptional year for installations of Swiftcut CNC Profiling Tables with 5 complete systems booked and more in the pipeline. The demand has been principally led by the need to reduce sub-contract profiling work times and spend. Bringing the whole process in-house gives complete control of the fabricating process from start to finish.

We also believe the generous government move on Capital Allowances has made a difference and would urge all customers to look at upcoming plant requirements to see if they can take advantage before the expiry of the scheme in March 2023. A word with your accountant and they should be able to explain how Capital Allowances reduce your tax bill and effectively the government subsidises your investment.

After that speak to us and we will tailor an equipment package that works for you, it might be a Swiftcut CNC Profiling Table or new state of the art MIG or Tig Welders! The choice is yours.

Latest addition to our Avonmouth fleet

We are pleased to confirm the latest addition to our commercial fleet which is our second Mercedes Benz Vito Crewvan, bought for our sales engineer Louis Troughton. These vans have proved ideal for taking equipment out to customers for installation or demonstration as well as offering a high degree of creature comforts for the driver and anyone who has been in such a vehicle will know they come with reversing cameras, air conditioning, cruise control and a whole heap of features that used to be the preserve of upmarket saloons. In a word they combine luxury with practicality, allowing our sales engineers to cover more ground and give our valued customers an even better service.

Louis is a big fan of his new van and will be pleased to show off its many features as he does his calls.

New Fronius machines ready to be delivered

We are pleased to be the successful supplier of an order for multiple Fronius units to a customer of our Poole depot who is an accredited supplier to the NHS and the units will be used for welding all sorts of equipment for NHS use.

The customer was particularly impressed with the advanced software of the Fronius units and the exceptional arc characteristics.

We make this point repeatedly that British manufacturing is alive and well and quite prepared to invest in high specification equipment when there is a clear and demonstrable advantage.

If you would like to know what equipment we can offer you to improve your manufacturing process then please get in touch, we have a strong technical team ready and willing to offer cost effective welding solutions.

New Van For Avonmouth

Our Avonmouth driver Gary Ellis gives our new Movano the thumbs up.
To cope with the increasing demand for on-time deliveries for our Avonmouth customers we have continued to invest in new modern fuel efficient vehicles which will work hard week in week out. As we all know welding products are in the main heavy and bulky objects and it needs a sturdy workhorse to keep orders flowing. Our continued investment in modern commercial vehicles means we are in a position to maintain high levels of service to all our customers.

Despite the recent widespread fuel shortages we have been able to maintain our normal levels of service and hopefully as these shortages abate the overall situation for everyone will improve.

2021 has been a turbulent for us all but at Wellington Welding we continue to make progress and wish the same to all our customers.

Driver giving thumbs up

New Movano van


New SwiftCut Installation

We are pleased to show another successful installation of a British designed and manufactured SwifCut 3000 Profile Cutting Table. This one is going to a customer of our Poole depot and features include a water cooled table, full auto nesting capabilities, plate marking and 3 stage air filtration for the Powermax 125 unit which means a comfortable cutting performance up to 25mm.

Installation and training were successfully carried out by our in-house team and they will continue to offer local assistance as required, something we think customers value.

If you would like to add an in-house profiling capacity to your production facility, why not get in touch, often it can cost less than you think and with out sourced profiling taking weeks to fulfil it could dramatically speed up your production.

SwiftCut table installation


Fronius CMT

Wellington Welding Supplies are pleased to confirm their first sale of Fronius CMT technology based on a Fronius water cooled TPSi 400.
Fronius Cold Metal Transfer technology is unique to Fronius and is recommended for critical aluminium applications. In this case the application was on 4mm aluminium assemblies and it was specified by the ultimate customer that CMT technology was to be used for the welding process. Wellington Welding Supplies as the main local Fronius dealer were able to organise a swift visit to tie up all the technical details and delivery was made within the critical 4 week period demanded by the customer. As part of the overall package a full training module was included to ensure optimum welding results were obtained in line with customer expectations.


Kemppi AC/DC335

We are pleased to confirm ongoing signs of a healthy return to work in our customer base. The latest image shows 4 of 6 machines to be supplied to a southern based manufacturer of marine based stainless steel exhaust systems, a market that is showing healthy signs of continued growth. The contract placed with Wellington Welding Supplies underlines our ability to offer a total package of supply and service over the lifetime of the equipment ensuring no costly downtime and lack of productivity. All our equipment sales are covered by in-house engineering support and we can also offer calibration to the latest most demanding standards. If you are considering replacing any ageing equipment do remember that with the latest capital allowances still in place there has never been a better time to do so. Please do contact your nearest depot for a no obligation visit or quote but don’t hang about as the worldwide shortage of semi-conductors is having an effect on lead times with all manufacturers.


Fantastic SwiftCut & Hypertherm setup

We are pleased to have just delivered a brand new British built SwiftCut Profiling Table delivered to one forward thinking Wellington Welding customer.
The table is capable of handling sheets 3 x 1.5m.
The cutting performance will be delivered via a Hypertherm Powermax 125 capable of cutting up to 25mm plate.
The full specification software includes automatic nesting of shapes for maximum plate usage.
With the current capital allowances available there has never been a better time to invest in new machinery and equipment. If you have any requirements for new equipment but are unsure how to proceed, please get in touch as we can offer full finance packages to suit any budget.


Avonmouth Fleet Extended

To cope with increased demand we are pleased to welcome a new Made in Britain Vauxhall Vivaro to our fleet of vans in Avonmouth.
To complement the all new styling we have referenced modern clean images to the rear doors from both Kemppi and Bohler.
These two companies are key suppliers to Wellington Welding Supplies and represent exactly the type of modern forward thinking companies that we wish to partner with.
Many customers will already be using their products and we hope our visible endorsement will keep them centre stage.

Kemppi Army Arrives In Avonmouth

Another fleet of 12 x Kemppi Fastmig X5s off to one of our resilient South West customers, proving that even in a Covid lockdown there is confidence to keep investing and as the restrictions are gradually lifted we sincerely hope we see signs of growing confidence and activity in the industrial manufacturing sector.

Our own experience has been that there is great resilience in our sector and aside from a dew Brexit related supply side issues in January, now mostly resolved, it has been pretty well business as usual.


New Workshop in Avonmouth

New service engineers workshop finished and ready for action.

This purpose built facility has been created to give our engineer his own bespoke space to carry out servicing and validation.

It can also be used for demonstrations of equipment and has all the correct local exhaust fume extraction.

Where appropriate we continue to invest in both our properties and our people and this facility will improve the environmental quality of both the warehouse and engineering staff.


January 2021 - New Van, New Life!

We are always keen to report some good news in these difficult times and for us a new van is certainly good news!

This brand new van boasts levels of creature comforts unheard of a few years back including air conditioning which will hopefully keep our driver fresher and more alert during his long days out.

Since the return to work after the Christmas break all our depots have been able to open and work fairly normally although most of the external sales engineers are on reduced hours.

Business has been very brisk in some areas after a busy Christmas which saw many customers stocking up in expectation of difficulties in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

As this didn’t happen to everyone’s relief I think people have got on with life and apart from taking the utmost precautions it seems to be business pretty well as normal.

However I would warn customers that there currently seem to be delays at the ports with incoming goods, hopefully this is a temporary situation whilst companies get used to the new customs arrangements but as of January things are a  bit sticky and goods coming in are taking weeks where they would have taken days to clear customs.


Avonmouth Extension

Work has at last commenced on our not very inspiring garage unit purchased next door to our main warehouse in Avonmouth. Access is being improved from our rear yard and when complete will look completely different & hopefully transformed from ugly duckling.

First tasks involve putting in a concrete base at the rear of the unit for forklift access.

The new facility will deliver a stand alone workshop servicing/repair facility for the Avonmouth depot and free up much needed warehouse space. It can also be used as a demonstration and or training space.

We hope to have this facility on line prior to year end but as with all building projects time scales can vary.

EV Charging Point - Avonmouth

Wellington Welding are pleased to confirm the second installation of a Rolec EV Charging Station at their Avonmouth depot, This follows the first installation at Plymouth.

This new facility will allow two electric vehicles to charge simultaneously and is intended for use by visiting customers, suppliers and staff as well as Wellington Welding’s own electric fleet. It is intended this facility can expand as demand increases and demonstrates Wellington Welding’s commitment to a cleaner future and will allow continued deliveries into Bristol city centre should the local council impose a diesel ban in certain areas.

EV Charging Point Avonmouth

EV Charging Point - Plymouth

Wellington Welding are pleased to confirm the successful installation of their first dual EV Charging Unit located at their Plymouth against the background of colourful graffiti mural which was also the backdrop for a local hip hop artist to film himself against whilst performing!

A strange request that Managing Director Philip Goldney was bemused to agree to.

A second EV charging point is scheduled for installation shortly at the Avonmouth branch.

EV Charging Station

Swift-Cut PRO 3000

Wellington Welding are pleased to confirm another successful Swiftcut installation at prestigious metal fabricators J.Pratley & Sons. The complete installation included a Swiftcut PRO3000 Table with Advanced Auto Nesting and Marking Software and a Hypertherm Powermax 125. The installation team was headed up by Wellington Welding’s Fareham Manager Matt Binney with engineering support from Craig Peterson and Marcel Dimitru. The package of support that Wellington Welding can offer on Swiftcut Tables includes installation and training and as this is supported on a local basis ensures a successful hand over and a strong on-going relationship. Additional training can also be arranged if personnel change.

We at Wellington Welding understand the concerns Corona Virus is having on society but economic activity is still necessary to preserve jobs and pay for the additional costs incurred by the government support measures and we are happy to report on good news stories such as the above as an antidote to all the other gloomy news.

Plymouth Depot's Land Acquisition - Second Phase

Second phase of the car park extension began today with the return of ProLine Groundworks.

Not only are we aiming to double the area available for staff parking we are putting in 2 EV Charging Points. Hopefully future proofing ourselves.

Continuous Investment In Quality Service

Wellington Welding continues to invest heavily in engineering support and confirms the purchase of the latest generation Kemppi Arc Validator which will enable our engineers to offer automated validations on all the latest and most sophisticated Kemppi equipment as well as being able to create templates for use on other makes of equipment.

The Kemppi Arc Validator meets the very latest standards requirements, measuring the necessary components and making sure your welding equipment can meet the necessary standards for accurate setting  to stated WPS/Quality process values.

The Kemppi Arc Validator is founded on the requirements defined in the European Standard EN50504 for validating arc welding equipment.

Plymouth Depot's Land Acquisition Work In Progress PT3

Pleased to confirm our new parking and cylinder storage area nearly complete, just awaiting a final area to be tarmacked at the far end.

We have been delighted with the quality of the work and would like to thank Nigel, Tom and Shane and the team from Pro-Line Groundworks for doing such a professional job.

We can recommend them 100% for any groundwork projects. Attention to detail was a pleasure to behold.

Plymouth Depot land acquisition image


Plymouth Depot's Land Acquisition - Work In Progress PT 2

Photos showing works proceeding on new parking and cylinder storage area at Plymouth. The work has progressed extremely well and the contractors Proline Groundworks have been excellent and a joy to work with.

The new facilities will increase the staff parking which  in turn will free up parking space at the front of our building which will increase both the customer parking and the goods vehicle unloading areas.

Plymouth Depot land acquisition work in progress



Plymouth Depot's Land Acquisition - Work In Progress PT 1

Work began on our newly acquired land on Monday the 29th June, delayed by the Coronavirus lockdown. Not sure of exact timescale but concreting and hard core due to be put down and the kerb lowered to allow straight forward vehicular access.

All in all should allow for easier handling of the industrial gas cylinders as well as offering enhanced parking facilities.

New Land Acquisition for Plymouth Depot

Wellington Welding Supplies are pleased to announce the acquisition of a substantial parcel of land to the rear of the Plymouth premises which will be developed for additional staff parking and industrial cylinder storage.

The image shows Plymouth Branch Manager unlocking the security gates to the new area of land which it is hoped will be fully operational by the end of June after extensive resurfacing works.

As a result of enlarged staff parking facilities this will also improve parking space for customers and delivery vehicles, creating a larger and safer experience for all visitors to the Plymouth branch.

 Plymouth land acquisition

Our engineers are trained and qualified to carry out CP7 Oxy-Acetylene/Propane Equipment Inspection.
Contact us for prices and available dates.

Welding Supplies Postage

We have tried to keep our prices as competitive as possible. Postage charges for UK Mainland: 

£3.00 + vat for deliveries costing up to £10
£5.00 + vat for deliveries between £10 - £50
£7.00 + vat for deliveries over £50.

For more information on carriage costs of machines, click Read More.

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Welding Supplies Quality Certified

Wellington Welding Supplies’ Plymouth, Fareham and Avonmouth have an independently verified Q.A. system. We have a commitment to ensure that the images and descriptions on our website are honest, fair and accurate.

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