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Mig Torch Range

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Binzel Mig Torches
Binzel Mig Torch Spares

Fronius Mig Torches & Spares
ESAB Mig Torch Spares

Kemppi Mig Torches & Spares

Our engineers are trained and qualified to carry out CP7 Oxy-Acetylene/Propane Equipment Inspection.
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Welding Supplies Postage

We have tried to keep our prices as competitive as possible. Postage charges for UK Mainland: 

£3.00 + vat for deliveries costing up to £10
£5.00 + vat for deliveries between £10 - £50
£7.00 + vat for deliveries over £50.

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Welding Supplies Quality Certified

Wellington Welding Supplies’ Plymouth, Fareham and Avonmouth have an independently verified Q.A. system. We have a commitment to ensure that the images and descriptions on our website are honest, fair and accurate.

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Product Search

Product Search

MIG Welding Torches

We supply a wide range of MIG welding torches including the latest Binzel MIG torch range.

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) is a welding method where metal wire (electrode) carries an electric current to maintain an arc. The arc is shielded from the atmosphere by an inert gas, usually argon, although other inert gases can be used. A MIG torch connects to a MIG welder to complete the welding package.

MIG torches are also known as MIG welding guns and they can vary greatly in quality, cost and therefore their performance. MIG welding torches such as the Binzel range were first manufactured in 1945 in Germany and today they rank as one of the best MIG torch products in the world. Other value for money MIG torches are manufactured by Kemppi, a welding equipment producer that has been trading since 1949.