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Dronco Polishing Set 115mm

Dronco Polishing Set 115mm

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The Dronco Polishing Set gives your work pieces a mirror finish. It is for use with a 115mm (4 1/2") angle grinder and comes with:

  • 115mm Coarse Polishing disc.
  • 115mm Fine Polishing disc.
  • 115mm Gloss Polishing disc.
  • White pre-polish compound.
  • Blue gloss-polish compound.

Recommended Use:

  1. To start, process the work piece with the Coarse Polishing disc followed by the Fine disc.
  2. The Gloss Polishing disc is always used with a corresponding polishing compound.
  3. Start by rubbing the White pre-polish compound onto the work surface and then buff it off with the Gloss Polishing Disc.
  4. Once the pre-polish compound has been buffed off, rub the Blue gloss-polish compound onto the work surface and buff off with the Gloss Polishing disc as before to achieve your mirror finish.
  5. With a reduced working speed of 4,500 rpm, better polishing results will be achieved than with the angle grinder at full speed.