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Swift-CAM 2 Libellula Auto-Nest

Swift-CAM 2 Libellula Auto-Nest

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CAD/CAM software - multiple icon handling

SwiftCAM is a CAD/CAM application dedicated to the programming of any type of sheet metal cutting machines. The software is available in three versions, depending on the machine configuration.

It allows to directly import DXF/DWG and offers a wide library of parametric patterns to rapidly draw parts for configuration.

The guided procedure ensures an easy and fast loading procedure

The production cycle can be displayed before machine start by means of a realistic 3D simulation, in order to verify its compliance with the real cutting process.

  • User Friendly - SwiftCAM is an extremely easy-to-learn product and has been developed by our Engineers to target a Zero Training requirement.

  • OneClick - SwiftCAM guides the user to production through a simple path and minimizes the time dedicated to programme preparation. By passing to the next page, user quickly gets to machine programming.

  • Realistic Simulation - In the complete version, SwiftCAM allows you to verify the recently created production cycle in a realistic environment to test its functionality

  • Parametric Shapes - A wide number of parametric shapes commonly used in the sheet metal production is made available in parametric mode in order to speed up drawing for the parts to be manufactured.

This environment allows you to import DXF/DWG files, to place them one by one on a single plate and to duplicate them according to a matrix pattern, in order to reduce scrap.

As far as the cutting path is concerned, the type and application of lead-in shall be defined on each single part. All identical parts will be automatically handled accordingly.

Before creating the post-processor, the user shall input the FEED parameters or any other instructions to be applied during cutting.

This version of SwiftCAM also allows you to create a list of parts to be cut and matched with respective quantities.

An automatic nesting will position the parts on a plate of the selected format in order to reduce scrap.

For any single different part, the position of the lead-in shall be indicated by the user.

DXF/DWG import:Yes.
2D icon parametric library:Yes.
Sheet properties description:Yes.
Icon handling:Multiple.
Nesting type:Automatic.
Cutting technology calculation:Manual.
Technological tables:Available In SwiftCAM 3.
Cutting path visualization:Yes.
Cutting path check:Available In SwiftCAM 3.
Path error correction:Manual.
2D cycle simulator:Yes.
Realistic 2D cycle simulator:Available In SwiftCAM 3.
Cutting time calculation:Available In SwiftCAM 3.
Interface customization:Yes.
Mod.HVAC optional module:Yes.
Mod.BEVEL optional module:Available In SwiftCAM 3.
Mod.STORAGE optional module:Yes.
Mod.VISIO optional module:Yes.
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