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Copper Coated Mild Steel 3.2mm 5Kg

Copper Coated Mild Steel 3.2mm 5Kg

Part No. 950232R150

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Copper Coated Mild Steel (CCMS)
BS 1453: 1972 (1987) A1Copper Coated Mild Steel is a general purpose low carbon steel rod for high grade oxyacetylene welding of mild steel and wrought iron. It is widely used in the automobile, heating and ventilation, and chemical plant industries. No flux is required. The rods melt at 1490°C. The rod ends are not stamped or colour coded.

Chemical Composition (wire)
Min Max
C 0.10
Si 0.07
Mn 0.60
S 0.040
P 0.040
Ni 0.25
Cu 0.45 (includes Coating)

Packaging - Plastic Tube
3.2mm x 1000mm x 5Kgs

Copper Coated Mild Steel Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)