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Electrode Elga P45S 3.2mm

Electrode Elga P45S 3.2mm

Part No. P4532

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P45S is a multi-purpose rutile-cellulosic coated electrode suitable for a wide application range in mild steel. The electrode is fully positional, including vertical down and welds with a crisp, steady arc to produce a smooth bead surface with good slag detachability.

Relatively insensitive to rust, dirt and surface coatings. Together with its ability to bridge gaps, the general versatility of P45S makes it ideal for both shop and site fabrication.

Packed in shrunk wrapped cardboard packets.

Weight 5Kgs 350mm Length.

Current 90-145Amps.

AWS A5.1 E6013
EN ISO 2560-A E 42 0 RC 11
EN 499  E 42 0 RC 11
Welding position:
All including vertical up/down and overhead

Mechanical properties:
Tensile strength,              Rm:550 MPa
Elongation, A5:                24%
Impactenergy, CV:            0 °C · 50J

Coating type:

Welding current:
DC+/-, AC OCV ³ 50 V
For root passes: DC-


Elga P45S Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)