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Electrode Zodian Universal 2.5mm Electrode Zodian Universal 2.5mm

Electrode Zodian Universal 2.5mm

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The addition of a small amount of cellulose to the flux formulation makes this a truly versatile electrode. The handling characteristics are outstanding & it is one of the few electrodes that will weld in all positions including vertical down. The cellulose gives the flux a faster freezing quality which in means turn the arc is not too fluid for positional work.

Suitable for all types of mild steel fabrication, it is available in half packets in 2.5 & 3.2mm. All positional general purpose electrode is an over-worked description but it really does apply to this electrode. It would be one of my desert island electrode choices, by which I mean if you were facing unknown welding challenges this would be my choice.

Packaging - Shrink wrapped cardboard packet containing 130Pcs 2.4Kgs x 350mm electrodes.

To download a data sheet please click on the following link:


Murex Zodian Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)