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Fronius AL4000 Air Cooled 3.5m Mig Torch

Fronius AL4000 Air Cooled 3.5m Mig Torch

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The Fronius AL4000 Mig Torch is rated at 350 Amps @40% Duty Cycle in an Argon/CO2 gas mix. This is the standard version although there are more sophisticated versions which can incorporate JobMaster if the welding machine supports it.

Standard Features include:

  • Standard steel inner liner for steel wire.
  • Torch body angle of 45° for optimum feeding.
  • Spatter protection with high thermal stability.
  • Contact tip manufactured from hard wearing CuCrZr alloy for long life.
  • Flexible coaxial hose cable 3.5m length (other lengths available on request).
  • Rubber anti-kink feature at machine and torch end.
 Specification                                                AL4000                      
 Wire diameters1.0-1.6mm 
 Welding current/Duty cycle (ArCO2) 350A/40%
 Welding current/Duty cycle (CO2) 400A/40%