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Fronius Magic Cleaner Package

Fronius Magic Cleaner Package

Part No. 4.075.092

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The Magic Cleaner cleans electrochemically and is clean, simple, fast and safe. The Magic Cleaner is so light that you can take it with you to any construction site and any workshop. In other words, wherever CrNi sheets and pipes need to be welded. Voilà! One machine, several functions.

The Magic Cleaner completely eliminates and replaces traditional acid based pickling pastes with no environmental disposal issues or Health and Safety concerns. The only waste product generated is water!

The Magic Cleaner cleans all TIG weld seams neatly and quickly. The integral burnishing function makes it possible to polish the surfaces to a lustrous finish after they have been cleaned. What is more, your MagicCleaner can now print, too! Thanks to the new Magic Print function that lets you print graphics and company logos directly onto the metal parts. Also electrochemically.

Plugs in to a standard 13A 240v supply but there is also a 110v version (not listed).

Use on all grades of stainless steel.

Fields of use:

Removes all heat discolouration from a wide variety of welded joints including food processing equipment, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, portal construction for roof and staircase-railings, repair and maintenance work, commercial kitchen equipment, swimming pools.

Package includes Magic Cleaner Power Source and Cleaning Torch with 4m lead featuring integral electrolyte feed, earth cable and clamp, accessories compartment which consists of electrolyte power cleaning, mixing tanks, protective goggles, gloves and cleaning cloth.

 FroniusMagic Cleaner
Weight 5 kg
Mains power230v 50/60 Hz 
Rated power300watt
Cleaning current range5-20A
Open circuit voltage 15V
Operating voltage5-15V
Throughput0.55-2.2 l/h
Cleaning time2.2 l/h / 40 min 0.55 l/h 160 min
Cleaning fluid capacity1.5 Ltr
Protection classIP 23 
Dimensions l x w x h430 x 180 x 280mm