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Gasless Flux Cored Wire 0.8mm 4.5Kg

Gasless Flux Cored Wire 0.8mm 4.5Kg

Part No. MS5008FC

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General purpose mild steel gasless Mig wire on a 200mm spool with a 50mm center and can be used on any machine with a 50mm hub. Produces a smooth arc with excellent wire feed characteristics.

Generally this type of wire will run better on reverse polarity with the torch set to negative. Be prepared for a little extra fume and ensure adequate ventilation or fume extraction is available. Masks are also a useful option and are listed in our Safety Section under Face Masks and Visors.

The reason for the warning is that these types of wires generate their own gas-shielding and potentially there is a greater volume of fume generated which can cause headaches or nausea if ingested in large enough volumes.

Generally speaking this wire is a useful option if welding outdoors or in a draughty situation which would adversely affect normal gas shielding.

Wire conforms to AWS A5.20 E71T-GS
Gasless Flux Cored Wire Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)