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Hypertherm Swirl Ring Fine Cut

Hypertherm Swirl Ring Fine Cut

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Powermax 65/85/105 FineCut Swirl Ring for manual cutting only.

Sold each. FineCut consumables are an innovative addition to hypertherm’s industry leading line of plasma cutting torches. They deliver significantly improved cut quality on thin-plate metals by providing a narrower kerf with virtually no heat-affected zone and by dramatically reducing dross. Handtorch and machine-torch operators who choose FineCut consumables consistently achieve superior metal finishing and increased productivity.

FineCut consumables deliver better overall finish on both mild and stainless steel resulting from a decreased heat-affected zone. Finer cut quality than standard nozzles made possible by narrower kerf width and improved cut angularity. elimination of some secondary operations because of virtually dross-free cutting.