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Kemper 2m Exhaust Arm with Fan 415V

Kemper 2m Exhaust Arm with Fan 415V

Part No. 79002201

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The Kemper Exhaust Arm consists of a 2m self-supporting arm, 2000m3 fan with a wall bracket and motor protection switch. This unit will only duct to atmosphere so care must be taken when siting the exhaust outlet.

This type of fan and self supporting arm provides an efficient and economical answer to the problem created by welding fume. Working areas are kept clutter free and the arm can be easily repositioned as required.

Kemper Exhaust Arms are suitable for the extraction of welding fume, gases, vapours,light dust and solvents.

The hose covered exhaust arm consists of an internal parallelogram support linkage with spring support and a polyester fabric reinforced hose with PVC coating and coiled steel wire. The arm has been designed for use with Kemper fans which feature both the housing and the impeller manufactured from non-sparking cast silumin. The impeller is balanced both statically and dynamically for smooth running and minimum noise. Overall finish of the fan is a bright orange powder finish and it has a connection flange for 160mm diameter hose.

Package includes:

1 x 79002, 2m flexible exhaust arm
1 x      Wall bracket
1 x       Swivel joint
1 x       Arms & Hose
1 x       Capture hood
1 x 92104, Fan
Voltage 3x400V/50Hz
1 x 94170123, motor starter
1 x 93018, connection material
1 x 93200, flexi alu. duct pipe 1,25m-5m, ?160mm
1 x 1150003, jubilee clip
1 x 93045, blow out piece with bird mesh.


 Technical Data 
 Fan Performance                                   2000m3/Hour                                           
 Motor Power 0.75kW
 Power Supply 3 x 415V / 50Hz
 Exhaust Arm Type Flexible Exhaust Arm 2m
Kemper Exhaust Hose 3m x 150mm - 1140349
Kemper Exhaust Hose 3m x 150mm - 1140349

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£190.92 inc VAT
£159.10 exc VAT

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