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Klingspor Coarse Cleaning Disc 115mm

Klingspor Coarse Cleaning Disc 115mm

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With a fibre-glass back these discs fit a 115mm (4 1/2") angle grinder.

The Klingspor Coarse Cleaning Fleece Disc removes old paint, rust and welding spatter without scratching the surface. It also removes stainless steel bluing.

Sold individually.

NCD 200 - cleaning wheel for metal, paint, varnish, filler, and plastic
The cleaning wheel NCD 200 is the ideal complement to an angle grinder when used for the removal of heat tinting and the cleaning of surfaces. It is composed of a special SiC non-woven cleaning web that will not clog thanks to its open structure. Klingspor uses synthetic resin for the bonding as this material supports the positive properties of the SiC grain. The cleaning wheel NCD 200 is an excellent choice for work on surfaces
with paint and rust,
made of metal,
with filler and varnish,
and made of plastic,
aluminium, and
stainless steel.
The wheel comes in a variety of different diameters. The bigger the cleaning wheel, the lower the permissible motor speed.
SiC non-woven cleaning web
The silicon carbide grain applied to the cleaning wheel is a hard and strong material with excellent thermal conductivity. This quality allows the wheel to keep the surfaces from overheating even at high motor speeds. High abrasive performance and extended service life are made possible by the open structure of the non-woven cleaning web. At the core of this abrasive is a rugged cloth backing that is made up of fibre-reinforced backing plate. The strength of the material plays a key role in the product’s optimum force transmission onto the workpiece. One aspect of principal importance when treating surfaces with an angle grinder is safety. To ensure maximum safety, Klingspor provides for an exceptionally strong bond between the backing plate and the non-woven abrasive web. The break resistance of the wheels widely exceeds the requirements laid down in the oSa guidelines and the EN 13743 safety standard.
NCD 200 cleaning wheel with a flat surface
The cleaning wheel NCD 200 is equipped with a non-woven web that is spread evenly across the entire surface. This design makes it a flat abrasive tool and, thus, ideal for processing large surfaces. Supplementing these flat tools are convex abrasive mop discs that can be used to grind edges, weld seams and small areas on the workpiece. Working with a smaller abrasive surface, these tools deliver a higher removal rate during point-by-point processing.

NCD200 Data Sheet