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Magnaflux SKD-S2 Non-Aqueous Developer 400ml

Magnaflux SKD-S2 Non-Aqueous Developer 400ml

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Please note, due to pressurised aerosols being classified as Hazardous Materials there are restrictions on how these goods may be shipped within the UK and Northern Ireland and as a result we have had to impose higher charges. At checkout please select the “Magnaflux Aerosol" postage option for the correct shipping cost.

General Description
SKD-S2 is a ready to use suspension of white developing particles in a fast drying solvent. SKD-S2 produces an opaque white coating, which provides an excellent contrasting background for SPOTCHECK OR ZYGLO penetrant indications. SKD-S2 is specially formulated to be low in sulfur and halogens and contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons.

SKD-S2 consists of a blend of inert inorganic particles and surface active agents, which are suspended in a solvent blend including isopropyl alcohol and acetone.

Method of Application
On standing, developer particles will settle out of suspension and must be re-suspended before applying. SKD-S2 should be applied by spraying only, as dipping or brushing will cause excessive solvent action on the penetrant in discontinuities. SKD-S2 may be applied by aerosol, or conventional spray gun. Developers should be applied only after the test surface has been cleaned of excess penetrant, and the cleaning medium (solvent such as SKC-S or SKC-HF or water) has been dried off. Non-aqueous developers should be sprayed in thin even layers, which just wet the surface. Too wet a spray will cause excessive bleeding and running of indications; whereas too dry a spray will result in slow indication development as well as possible loss in overall sensitivity due to limited solvent action. The coating should be a relatively thin even white coating. SKD-S2’s unique formula permits a thin coating to hide surface blemishes, which could interfere with indication interpretation. A thick coating is 
not required for this effect and is undesirable as masking of indications could result. SKD-S2 will appear as red lines and porosity as spots. A general reddish color or pink developer film indicates incomplete removal of surface penetrant.

Due to the classification of these goods as Dangerous for shipping purposes, we will quote carriage charges individually based on quantity and destination.
Property SKD-S2
Colour                         White suspension
Odour                         Alcoholic
Flash point                  6°C
Density                       0.88 g/ml
Corrosion                    Meets AMS 2644
Sulfur Content             < 300 ppm
Chloride Content         < 300 ppm
Fluoride Content         < 50 ppm
AMS 2644                 Class Form d type 1, Form e type 2
AMS 2644                 Sensitivity N/A
EN ISO 3452-2 Approved
Magnaflux SKD-S2 Safety Data Sheet