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Magnaflux Water Washable Penetrant SKL-WP2 400ml

Magnaflux Water Washable Penetrant SKL-WP2 400ml

Part No. SKLW400

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General Description:

Spotcheck SKL-WP2 is a red visible dye, low odor, water washable penetrant. SKL-WP2 exhibits outstanding penetrating characteristics, which provide for increased reliability of discontinuity identification. SKL-WP2’s water wash removability eliminates the need for solvent removers or emulsifiers to remove excess surface penetrant. WARNING: Penetrants attack and even dissolve many kinds of plastic pipe.  Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe is especially vulnerable, and can crumble after only a few days of exposure.  Even diluted penetrant rinsings attack it rapidly.  ABS plastic pipe is nearly as sensitive. When installing plumbing to handle penetrant rinsings, use metal pipe.

SKL-WP2 consists of non-volatile penetrating oils, surface active agents (emulsifiers) and dye.

Method of Application: 
Immersion, flooding, brushing, conventional spray, aerosol spray

Penetration/Dwell Time: 
The generally accepted minimum penetration time is 10 minutes. Some specifications may require longer dwell times. SKL-WP2 is generally removed by water spray.
Property                         SKL-WP
Colour                             Dark Red
Odour                              Bland
Flash point                      > 93°C
Density                           0.92 g/ml
Viscosity @ 38°C             9.0 cS
Corrosion                         Meets AMS 2644
Sulfur Content                 < 300 ppm
Chloride Content             < 300 ppm
Fluoride Content             < 50 ppm
AMS 2644 Class             Type 2 Method A
AMS 2644 Sensitivity       N/A
EN ISO 3452-2 Designation Type II Ad-2
Safety Data Sheet