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Migwire Aluminium 2Kg 1.0mm 5356A

Migwire Aluminium 2Kg 1.0mm 5356A

Part No. 2535610

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Mid size 2Kg reel of 5% Magnesium Aluminium wire suitable for a wide grade of aluminium alloys. Stiffer than a 4043 wire so will feed better.

This 200mm diameter spool of wire is designed for use with standard or small Migs and takes the same 50mm hub as the large 15Kg or 12" diameter spool.

No matter where you are using it you will need to change to a teflon liner and use argon shielding gas. Not so forgiving as running steel wire.

Precision layer wound for reliable feeding.

Wire conforms to the following standards:
AWS A5. 10-92        ER5356
BS2901-90              5356
NF A81-331            AG 5/AlMg 5
Migwire Aluminium 5356A Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)