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Migwire Esab G3Si1 1.2mm 15Kg

Migwire Esab G3Si1 1.2mm 15Kg

Part No. 232112670H

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This is a conventional copper coated precision layer wound mild steel Mig wire from Esab. Quality is consistently high as you would expect from one of Europe's leading welding consumable manufacturers.

Wire is supplied on an adaptorless wire basket which is easy to dispose of and confirms Esab no-nonsense approach to packaging. Certification is provided free of charge on request. G3Si1 is a copper-coated, Mn-Si-alloyed G3Si1/ER70S-6 solid wire for the GMAW of non-alloyed steels, as used in general construction, pressure vessel fabrication and shipbuilding.

This wire does not have the approvals of the top brand Esab wires but the price does reflect this and is ideal for those people requiring good quality at a budget price. The wire can be used with both Ar/CO2 mixed gas and pure CO2 shielding gas.Welding current DC(+). 1.2mm is supplied on an adaptorless 15Kg wire basket.

Click here for a pdf file.G3Si1G3Si1-rev6.pdf

Esab G3Si1 Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)