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Sifmig 968 Copper Wire 0.8mm 4Kgs

Sifmig 968 Copper Wire 0.8mm 4Kgs

Part No. SIF9680840

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A copper wire containing 3% silicon and 1% manganese used for fusion welding materials of similar composition, copper alloys (brass) and for the increasingly popular Mig brazing of steel and high strength car panels.

It is also suitable for surfacing steel and dissimilar applications.

Parts to be joined must be thoroughly cleaned and degreased. Best results are obtained using a short arc welding condition and a back hand welding technique i.e. the welding torch being directed towards the already deposited weld metal at an angle of approximately 20 degrees.

Welding parameter guide:

0.8mm wire 105A at 22v to 150A at 25v.

Wire conforms to BS:2901 C7
Nearest Equivalent Standards: DIN: S-CuSi3, AWS RCuSi

Spool size:            4Kgs
Melting Point:        980-1020C
UTS N/mm2:        350
Hardness BHN:   90
Composition:        1% Manganese, 3% Silicon, Balance Copper