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Silver Solder 55% Silver 1.5mm Fluxcoated

Silver Solder 55% Silver 1.5mm Fluxcoated

Part No. SFLO5515FC

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Silverflo 55 is a 55% silver brazing alloy and is the most widely used silver brazing alloy. It is very free flowing and produces neat joints with small fillets. It has excellent mechanical properties and is suitable for sea water applications being resistant to dezincification. Often used as a Cadmium free substitute for Easy Flo 2 where Cadmium presents a problem and as a result it is suitable for use in the manufacture of food and drink handling equipment.

Silverflo 55 can be used on a wide range of materials including copper and copper alloys including brasses, bronzes, nickel silvers, aluminium bronze and copper nickel, nickel and nickel alloys, carbon and low alloy steels and stainless steels.

Not to be used on aluminium, magnesium and their alloys.

Sold by the stick, approximately 72 sticks per Kg.

1.5mm x 600mm

Sold in flux-coated rod form it does not require any extra flux for all normal brazing requirements.
Silver Flo 55 FC
Silver     Ag        55%
Copper  Cu        21%
Zinc       Zn        22%
Tin        Sn          2%

Melting Range:

Tensile/Shear Strength N/mm2

ISO 17672:2010 Ag155    DIN 8513 1986 L-Ag 55:Sn    EN1044 1999 AG103

Optimum Joint Gap mm
Fluxcoated Silver Solder 55% Silver Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)