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Solder 60/40 Tin/Lead 500g 0.457mm

Solder 60/40 Tin/Lead 500g 0.457mm

Part No. 604005

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Fluxed Solder
This Autosol RA 60/40 Tin/Lead (Sn/Pb) solder is manufactured by Warton Metals Ltd and is a rosin activated, no clean wire for use on manual, automated or high speed electronic applications.

Efficient soldering on copper, brass, nickel and zinc including lamp, component and sensitive electronics.

Autosol is supplied in RA (Rosin Activated), Fast Flowing 2% flux.

Autosol exhibits the absolute minimum of clear, post soldering residue. Autosol is easily cleaned with solvent or saponifier cleaning processes, leaving bright (no white residue) solder joints.

60/40 Tin/lead (Sn/Pb) melts at 370 °F or 188 °C.

Packaging 500gr Reels x 0.457mm (26swg)
Solder 60/40 Tin/Lead Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)