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Swift-Cut 1250 Mk5 CNC Plasma Cutting Water Table Swift-Cut 1250 Mk5 CNC Plasma Cutting Water Table Swift-Cut 1250 Mk5 CNC Plasma Cutting Water Table

Swift-Cut 1250 Mk5 CNC Plasma Cutting Water Table

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The Swift-Cut 1250 CNC Table MK5

This table utilises a straightforward water catchment system to eliminate fume, any fume generated from the plasma cutting process is absorbed by the water. The water in the table should be treated regularly with an anti-rust treatment and anti-fungal tablets to comply with good maintenance practices. Our standard quotes will include costings for both anti-rust and anti-fungal treatments. In the scheme of things they are not wildly expensive.

The smallest of Swift-Cuts three machines, the Swift-Cut 1250 may have a small footprint but it still has plenty of power. Their unique DCC (Dynamic Cut Control) technology allows you to cut with .5mm of accuracy whilst reaching maximum cutting speeds of 12.7 metres per minute.

Smooth & Precise Cuts

Swift-Cut DTHC (Digital Torch-Height Control) and DDC (Dynamic Cut Control) technology delivers the very best in smooth and precise cutting available on the market today.

To keep your workspace fume-free, this machine comes with a water table to control sparks and harmful exhaust without having to purchase a down-draft machine.

Ideal for: small workshops, metal fabricators working with metre-sized sheets of metal, artists.

Technical Specification Swift-Cut 1250 (1250x1250)

Freestanding operators console containing:

  • PC with 18.5" flat panel LCD monitor.

  • Wireless keyboard and mouse for ease of use.

  • Windows.

  • Dual core cpu Intel i3 processor.

  • 500GB hard drive.

  • 2 GB ram.

  • DVD ROM.

  • Industrial standard steel console.

  • Easy access for maintenance.

  • E-stop with key lock-out safety feature.

  • External USB and network port for transfer of file.


  • Improved intuitive Swift Cam Software.

  • Multi-touch interface.

  • Swift-Cut CNC control system software.

  • Windows operating system.

  • Guided procedure ensures a fast and easy loading procedure.

  • Plate "n" Sheet Professional 4 software for producing flat profiles from 3D shapes(optional) for HVAC market.Click here to view an overview of the Swift Cam Software.

Swift-Cut Profiling table
  • Cutting area able to take sheet size 1250mm x 1250mm.

  • Gantry parking to allow full sheet to be loaded overhead.

  • Robust steel frame with durable polyester powder coated finish.

  • New lighter alloy head for improved cut performance and easy maintenance

  • Smooth motion linear V wheels.

  • Powerful 4.4 N/m hybrid stepper motors.

  • Dual drive Y axis.

  • Rack and pinion drive system.

  • Water table for efficient fume control (No external fume extraction required).

  • Digital Torch-Height Control (DTHC) for improved cut quality and improved torch consumable life.

  • Ohmic Torch Sensing; electronically sensing contact with material for improved cutting on thin materials. (optional)

  • Dynamic Cut Control (DCC) on Powermax 65/85/105/125.

  • Software control of the plasma unit. control of cutting amps and air pressure.

  • Error messaging from Hypertherm plasma unit is now displayed on Swift-Cut control screen.

  • Various cutting speeds can be applied to the same profile to improve cut quality.


  • Ability to cut metal up to a thickness of 20mm depending on the Hypertherm Powermax unit selected.