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Weldas Tig Finger

Weldas Tig Finger

Part No. WEL10-1099

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The Weldas Tig Finger is an ingenious little device that fits over the small fingers of which ever hand is holding the Tig torch thereby allowing the welder to slide his hand over the parent metal, enabling him to maintain a consistent stand-off height and keep a steady rate of travel.

It is not as shown in the picture generally designed to fit over the index finger but to be worn over the end two fingers. The product is as shown a one piece design.

The Weldas Tig Finger is manufactured from a pliable high temperature resistant material with Kevlar stitching holding two velcro pads in place which enable the item to be folded over to double up the thickness of insulating fabric on the welder's fingers.

  • Heat resistant material extends life of gloves
  • Enables welders to slide glove over hot metal
  • Ensures consistent stand-off distances maintained throughout weld