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WP20 Torch 25' Switched & Sheathed

WP20 Torch 25' Switched & Sheathed

Part No. WP20-25SSW

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The WP20 is a general purpose water cooled torch rated up to 250Amps and is suitable for a wide range of welding applications using up to 3.2mm tungstens.

In standard format it uses the 13Nxx Series Collet/Collet Body and Ceramic Nozzle. There is also a Stubby Collet/Collet Body and Gas Lens that can be used with this torch.

The torch cable is a mono cable 25Ft long, terminating in a 3/8BSP RH Nut. Connection to any type of DC Tig power source is normally via a dinse style adapter (see Related Products).

The torch is supplied with a short back cap only and is switched and sheathed. If additional spares are required please refer to our section called Weldcraft Type Torch Spares.

Rating 250Amps DC, 175Amps AC @60% Duty Cycle.

Phenolic Rubber Insulation.
Adaptor Tig 16/25mm Plug
Adaptor Tig 16/25mm Plug

Dinse style adaptor for connecting a Tig torch to a Tig welding machine...

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