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Headshield Esab Sentinel A50 Air Headshield Esab Sentinel A50 Air

Headshield Esab Sentinel A50 Air

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The Esab Sentinel A50 Welding Helmet just got more versatile with the addition of an Air Version. This offers full respiratory protection to the welder with a choice of two air blower units.

The helmet itself remains light and comfortable to wear  with the same ultra clear true colour lens for a realistic view of your actual weld. A comfortable breathable soft fabric ensures a complete seal against the fume.

The principal behind air supplied welding helmets is an air powered blower unit is worn by the welder around his waist which collects and filters the air to very high degree, typically 99.8% purity and delivers this fresh clean air to the welders breathing zone via a short hose to the helmet. The battery powered blower units are rechargeable and depending on type normally will cover an eight hour shift.

This method of protection for the welder is highly efficient and ensures welders do not breath in and ingest the many harmful particles found in weld fume. Additional protective measures may need to be in place for other workers exposed to the hazards of weld fume.

The two air blower units are known as Eco Air and Aristo Air, Eco Air is a basic unit and Aristo Aristo Air is a full featured unit, both are listed as related products to the Sentinel A50 Air Helmet.

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