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UTP 8 CI Pure Nickel 2.5mm 1kg

UTP 8 CI Pure Nickel 2.5mm 1kg

Part No. UTP825

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Application field

UTP 8 C is suited for joining and surfacing of all common cast iron qualities, such as grey cast iron GG 10 - GG 40 including alloyed qualities - nodular cast iron GGG 38 - GGG 60 and for all malleable cast iron qualities. It is also suitable for construction and repair welds. A special application field are electrode pickup coating and buffer layers on alloyed grey cast iron, especially in the tool welding construction if if a further weld with UTP 86 FN is continued.

Welding characteristics and special properties of the weld metal

UTP 8 C has a very good, stable arc and good deposition efficiency. Therefore, edge welding is easily possible. The controllable and spatter free flow makes out of position welding possible y using minimum current settings. Slag detachability and weld pattern are excellent.

Mechanical properties of the weld metal

 Yield strength 






approx. 220

approx. 180

Weld metal analysis in %

 0,9  balance  1,0 

Welding instructions

Remove casting skin in weld area and clean welding spot. The surface has to be examined for cracks and defects. Weld stick electrode with short arc and steep stick electrode guidance. Use a possibly low current setting and weld short stringer weld beads (approx 50 mm). Peen the weld deposit straight after welding for the purpose of stress relief. Avoid heat concentration in weld area, if necessary, interpass cooling in still air.

Current type DC (-) / AC

Welding positions PA / PB / PC / PE / PF

Approvals DB